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deserves a champion.


Your tax-deductible gift will help deaeyc in its efforts to support early childhood education. 

A donation to deaeyc will go toward advancing the early education profession and improving the field in many ways, from local supports, such as the resource center and high-quality trainings to national and local advocacy efforts in support of legislation and policy changes that provide increased funding to the early childhood field.


Every year, deaeyc works to engage with legislators and representatives about policies, funding, and legislation that can benefit the early childhood community. In addition, and in collaboration with other agencies across the state, deaeyc attends regular coalition meetings, participates in and/or creates surveys for providers and parents to glean necessary data, and hosts events, such as Advocacy Day, to bring much-needed awareness to the issues. Generous donors, such as yourself, will help deaeyc continue its advocating efforts.

Daycare Center


Deaeyc recently opened its Early Childhood Resource Center, which is a lending library for educators and families to use to borrow books, materials, and activity bins. The ready-made activity bins include lesson plans and all the materials necessary to execute the activity. All activities will have a connected literacy component. In addition, deaeyc's Resource Center houses highly requested tools, like laminators, computers, a printer/copier, and a die-cut machine for educators and families to use the space creatively making custom items for their homes/ classrooms.  Donations for the Resource Center will go to replenish materials and purchase new or updated items for the activity bins.

Kindergarten Classroom


Donations help deaeyc keep professional development costs low for educators and families, so that more people have the opportunity to participate.



All donations big and small help deaeyc support our early childhood professionals. If you would like to donate a different amount other than what is listed above, you can use this link to make a donation in whatever amount you would like. 

Corporate Engagement

Corporate Sponsorship & Volunteerism


Create a world where all young children thrive and learn in a society dedicated to ensuring they reach their full potential.

The Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children (deaeyc) has a strong connection and practice of corporate and small business support. Our private sector partners share a unified vision and strong commitment to helping young children and early childhood educators succeed in life.  Private sector investment in deaeyc enables us to continue to deliver life-changing programs to the early childhood workforce including scholarships for continuing education and supplemental income while they pursue advanced degrees and accreditation, thereby professionalizing the early learning workforce and producing high-quality educational programs and social and emotional learning for children birth through age eight.  deaeyc connects your company with the broader community and engages your staff and colleagues in meaningful experiences that help those we serve to realize their full potential.

For more information about joining our Board of Directors or corporate volunteerism please visit our posted hosted by Volunteer Delaware: Volunteer with deaeyc.

Corporations, foundations, and private organizations consistently invest in deaeyc because they know their contributions will be used wisely to improve the quality, impact, and reach of early childhood education programs.   It is in the best interest for the nonprofit and private sector to collaborate and deaeyc is always open to introductions to decision makers at Delaware corporations, foundations, and small businesses.


For more information please complete the contact form below:

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