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We are the VOICE for all young children and early educators in Delaware.

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Online Class

Parents and
Caregivers Access

Highmark granted deaeyc funding to offer parents and caregivers access to First Aid/CPR training and parent-centered workshops (topics include: bottle/breast weaning, toilet training, effective discipline, the importance of literacy, and so much more!

Resource Center

Through the Community Reinvestment Recovery funding, deaeyc will be opening up a Resource Center! Early educators and providers need resources, tools, and materials to meet the needs of the growing children in their classrooms. 

Reading Notes

Deaeyc is developing a resource center to provide these necessary items, such as an

  • industrial laminator,

  • paper cutters,

  • photo copies,

  • cricket printers, and more!

  • In addition, we are creating

    • spaces for educators to make activity plans and craft activities for the classroom,

    • areas to study and research for continuing education,

    • NAEYC-approved developmentally appropriate activity-themed bins for educators to borrow to use in their classrooms.

We will also be providing a delivery/drop-off service for educators in Kent and Sussex counties.

Professional Development

Learn more.


  • Ableism

  • Anti-Bias Overview

  • Brain Development and Stressful Situations

  • Children's Language Development

  • Developing an Anti-Bias Mindset

  • Gossiping in the Workplace

  • Importance of Literacy

  • Importance of Routines

  • Incorporating Nature In and Out of the Classroom

  • Play for Infants

  • Professionalism

  • Promoting Positive Behavior Management

  • Self-Care for Early Childhood Professionals

  • Special Needs in ECE

  • What Does Developmentally Appropriate Practice Mean?


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